activism      | aktəˌvizəm | noun

1.the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.

actionable moment      | ak-sh(ə-)nə-bəl mō-mənt | adjective

1.a time that is favorable and impactful to take immediate action.

nudge      | nəj | verb prod lightly: urge into action.       | nəj-jər dät ȯrg | noun

  1. 1. a catalyst for activism thru delivery of a nudge at actionable moments.

Today 100‘s of millions of Americans are using digital platforms to make their voices heard and find ways to get involved - sign a petition, join a march, make a call, attend a meeting....but what degree of impact do specific activities have on those that control the levers of power?  What is the most impactful towards achieving a desired result when it comes time for a vote on legislation? pick a judge? provide a service? change discriminatory practices? There will always be a tension between what we aspire to do to effect change, and what we actually end up doing when the time comes to make that change happen.  I have a busy life. I get distracted. I forget. Participating in activities that make the most difference take time, effort, and requires a sustaining force that never lets up, that never tires.

If only there was a way for everyone to participate that was no more time consuming than signing a petition, yet orders of magnitude more impactful towards achieving the petition’s desired goal.

There is.

Coming Soon,

Empowering Activism thru Actionable Moments